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please do not fucking go afk with a full party please please please

shout out to jeff bofa, a redheaded catgirl who walked up to me and petted me then left the instance

spent a few hours today on this

cut a chunk out of a wii sensor bar and hit it with hot snot to keep it together, now it can stay stuck to the wii without hanging off the sides

also i made the cable MUCH shorter. from a couple meters to like six inches. (somewhere in there the internal wire was broken, so i had to cut it anyway, but i chose to cut it extremely short because i was just going to stick in on)

wrote a very quick and very dirty rhythm sync timeline player with unity

yeah the metric system is nice but have u ever considered using draconic units

Creating in Escape Simulator has kept me consistently engaged more than anything in recent memory. It has gotten out of hand, really, but I've finished and published my first room. I've poured lots of original art and writing into it. It's got layers. I want to keep doing more of this, so I hope I can get a few people to enjoy it.

waaah phantom tail, phantom wings and phantom horns ,,, kin feelings are the strongest they've ever been tonight

"Godhood is within my grasp... I need only reach..."

Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage) PHASE ONE COMPLETE!

Riscv assembler that instead of using the canonical nop addi zero, zero, 0, uses a completely random nop instruction
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this is a real diagram for one mechanic in final fantasy xiv and i have done this mechanic, and i understand this diagram perfectly

if anyone's aware of the gshade to reshade guide floating around the internet (which got mentioned in a pc gamer article), yeah i wrote that lmfao

i got the 7th generation console i never got back then! i bought a PS3! and wow, it's pretty big!

this is one for the inabakumori likers

(lagtrain - inabakumori, MIDI/sequence/tuning by me)

this is significant because this game came out in the year of our lord two thousand and eight

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true native borderless windowed in the TrackMania Forever games, achieved with a custom DLL hack

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