more lagtrain huh

vocal: mai synthesizer v
midi, tuning, mixing: luna nightshade, that's me

i made a rust script runner written in rust itself :)

it generates a cargo project for you and automatically builds and runs it. dependencies are specified via special comments

close friend gave me a sample and told me to cook, so i wrote this fun little track

wrote a very quick and very dirty rhythm sync timeline player with unity

"Godhood is within my grasp... I need only reach..."

Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage) PHASE ONE COMPLETE!

this is a real diagram for one mechanic in final fantasy xiv and i have done this mechanic, and i understand this diagram perfectly

i got the 7th generation console i never got back then! i bought a PS3! and wow, it's pretty big!

this is one for the inabakumori likers

(lagtrain - inabakumori, MIDI/sequence/tuning by me)

true native borderless windowed in the TrackMania Forever games, achieved with a custom DLL hack

so I tried to kill the new Extreme (FFXIV patch 6.3) day one, I did not succeed because my parties were garbage. all the video comes out to around 5 and a half hours

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