ftr running soapbox fe gets you an instance block, please do me a favour and tell me if you do so i can get you to piss off

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@bootie_fringe it was made by alex gleason who is a notorious transmisogynist, TERF, neo nazi adjacent and overall shit person

@rin I did not know … does ag encode the ideology in the software like moldbug does with monarchy (in urbit)?

@bootie_fringe idk what to tell you if you still want to use alex's software after knowing who he is now

@rin It's unfortunate that you desire to wall off people by their software choices. Nonetheless, just figure I'd provide the requested disclosure, since it's applicable.

@arcanicanis it's unfortunate that people choose to use software developed mainly by a known transmisogynist, racist and awful person in general

@rin There's software, protocols, file formats, programming languages, and any wide variety of creations and inventions made by any variety of individuals with differing and disagreeable views that I'm sure if you dug deep enough, you could find some speck of some 'racism' or 'misogyny' of some person in a development team or a standards body to taint everything. Hell, I'm sure even in the ActivityPub standard itself that there's probably contributors that hold views you may consider as bigoted, but only continue to use such toolings because it hasn't been called out yet. It's a never-ending battle where you'll continue to deeper isolate yourself and develop into patterns that aren't quite mentally well.
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